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Top Paying Careers

October 27, 2017Comments Off on Top Paying Careers

When growing up, our parents made us believe that the education we get is what would determine the kind of life we would live in future.  Other than becoming literate, the other reason that makes us go to school is so that we get a good job in future.  Some of the billionaires we have today barely made it through school; yet, they rule the world; some may argue. The cash earned by celebrities too such as movies stars, footballers and musicians is much more than what many who went through school could ever have.  Other than getting the big bucks from one’s talents, there are other means of making it big career wise.  The top paying careers in today’s world are anesthesiologists, obstetricians/gynecologists, psychiatrists, nurse anesthetists and actuary among others.

Anesthesiologists despite having the most stressful jobs in the field of medicine, they make the best of money.  The career requires a lot of dedication in one’s studies as it takes 12 years to be trained as in the profession.  The amount of money earned by anesthesiologists is not even close to what most celebrities earn.  The next top paying career is obstetricians or gynecologists.  This is the second best well paying profession.  The reason for the high payments is the risks that most of the practitioners are faced with in their line of duty.  Their being few in the market makes their demand very high hence the high salaries.  Services provided by gynecologists are needed all around the clock.  With such a profession, you can never end up being unemployed.

Psychiatrists are ranked third most highly paid professionals.  No insurance company covers the services of a psychiatrist hence making it the responsibility of the patient to pay off for the service.  Their high charges are afforded by just a few.  Each of their sessions is charged based on time.  A single counseling session with a psychiatrist can make full monthly payments to another professional in another field.  Nurse anesthetists have the worst working hours.  As a reward, the amount of money that they take back home at the end of the month is what those who work at better hours never get to experience.  The risk of the profession is that one may easily lose a job incase of any malpractice in their line of duty.

Actuary is yet another career that pays amazingly well.  To become an actuarist, one has to take a further 10 year course after completing their undergraduate degree.  The salaries they get are more than enough to repay back their student loans within a very short time.  Other careers that pay as well are sales and finance directors, software architects, lawyers and insurance brokers.  These careers are proof that one can never make it without a good education.  All of these ten best paying career are of people who have had years of professional training.  Of all the ten, ones related to medicine top the list.  This means that careers that are driven towards looking after other people’s health are ones that are sought the most and pay the best.


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